There is something about Antigua

Beautiful Antigua

Beautiful Antigua

We feel very lucky that we have randomly picked this place to stay for a month to have our Spanish lessons. The place is beautiful, 16th century Spanish colonial buildings and cobbled streets surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. It has a lovely temperature and lots of nice cafes and restaurants. I have missed a good cup of coffee in Mexico and Belize but Guatemala makes up for it. And although people trying to sell their wares come up to you in squares and parks, a simple but firm ‘no’ is sufficient for them to move on so it doesn’t feel like you are hassled all the time. The people are friendly and on numerous occasions we have stumbled on little markets and festivals when wandering the streets. It feels safe too.

People watching at Paque Central

People watching at Parque Central

We really feel like we couldn’t have picked a better place to take a breather from travelling and have some routine and home cooked food. We lucked out with the apartment we are renting, it is in the centre, close to everything. It is spacious, with a courtyard in the middle of the house and all the rooms off from there. The lounge and kitchen feel like they are outside. Oh and we also have a roof terrace.

On the way to Spanish School...

On the way to Spanish School…

We have started our Spanish classes. The girls are having lessons for four hours each morning and John and I take turns to do two hours each and look after Nesta. It works, the girls love it and so do I. John is not so sure yet. Hopefully we’ll all soon be able to speak at least some basic Spanish.

Spanish lessons - Bella and Amy

Spanish lessons – Bella and Amy

La Savilla Spanish School

La Savilla Spanish School

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