Five things we liked about Belize

1. Belize Zoo
Definitely worth a visit, wether you do or don’t have children. Very nice zoo, with all indigenous animals. All animals there were brought there because they were in danger or hurt. None of the animals have been caught to put on display in a zoo.

2. Cool M Farm
We were initially going to stay for two nights but ended up staying five. The people that own it are lovely, the breakfast is just yummy and they have cows, chickens, puppies and a singing parrot. They got the whole family hooked on granola, we still eat it now but haven’t managed to find granola as good as theirs. Definitely recommended.

3. The beach at Caye Caulker
We were staying right at the Spit, which is the local swimming spot. Great swimming, snorkelling and sun rises. Idyllic holiday feel.

4. They speak English
I know, what a cop out but for us completely non-Spanish speaking gringos it was great. No misunderstandings and no embarrassing situations.

5. Reggae
Okay, this one is from John. A big reggae fan, he loved the caribbean feel of the place and it wasn’t something we had expected in Central America.

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