Darn, we just got the¬†assessment back from the New Zealand authorities and John’s qualifications are too high and therefore we do not have enough points to qualify for a visa unless he has a job offer. Funny how you can be overqualificed for a working Visa!

Not quite sure yet how this affects our plans. I guess we will have the same plan but apply for the Visa in New Zealand if John can get a job. It does mean a longer stay in New Zealand without an income coming in. Which is a bit of a worry.

Luckily we have some time to mull it over as we won’t be leaving for a little while as I have just accepted an 8 month contract for work. Although I am a bit afraid we will always find excuses to postpone the trip and we need to make sure it happens. At the same time we are not in a rush, our youngest has only just turned two and travelling will probably (hopefully!) be a bit easier when he is a bit older.

Although with this weather outside (in the UK), it is very tempting to just book our flight and go to warmer climates tomorrow.

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