Things that are very different in Central America

There is the obvious, like the weather, the people and food. However, other things we have noticed that are different:

1. Health and Safety
Basically, there is none. Hazards are everywhere and you soon learn to look where you walk. No council or NHS to sue here.

2. Breastfeeding
There is a lot less of a stigma here because everyone does it. I’ve seen women breastfeeding their baby whilst walking down the street and nobody batters an eyelid.

3. Armed guards in shops and barbed windows
Metal barred windows are pretty much standard anywhere in Central America. In the poorer countries like Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua there are armed guards standing outside most shops. We’ve even seen them outside some McDonald restaurants. It is pretty weird.

4. It’s good luck to touch the head of young children.
I am not sure what the background is on this, but it has happened many of times. Particularly to our youngest blue eyed boy. He will go: ‘Hey, that (wo)man just touched my head’

5. You’re never too young to work…..
Unfortunately. We have seen many kids barely done with toddling trying to sell wares on the streets or clean shoes.

6. Toilet paper does not go in the toilet. Ever.
Ok, maybe I was a bit ignorant on this, but I really didn’t know this before we came here. Toilet paper goes in the bin next to the toilet as sewage systems can’t cope with toilet paper.

7. Bugs, flies and mosquitoes.
I knew this. But I guess I had kind of forgotten how hot weather breeds the bugs, flies and mosquitoes. And that they are everywhere, all the time. Unless you are near a breezy coast, then it doesn’t seem to be so bad.

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