Chetumal, border town.

We have arrived in Chetumal, a border town with Belize. We will be taking the ferry here to Caye Caulker, a small island in Belize. Chetumal is described by most guide books as a town where there isn’t much to do but have a rest before you move on to Belize.

We had a mooch around town yesterday and discovered a big market and as it is not much of a tourist destination, we had a relaxing time strolling around it without being hassled. We also visited the Mayan Culture museum which was pretty good. I can now count in the Mayan counting system.

Afterwards, we had a very quirky city tour. The Mexican tour guide started off really well with trying to explain everything in English, then we were joined by a Mexican couple and he obviously preferred to speak Spanish and we were firmly downgraded and didn’t receive much explanation of anything! It was interesting enough though and we did see things that we wouldn’t have otherwise in this little town.

We are very excited about moving on to Belize, the pictures we have seen of Caye Caulker are amazing and paradise awaits us. Will put some pictures up soon and let you know if it matches our expectations.

Oh and the mosquitoes have well and truly found us…

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  1. angela says:

    To Amy,
    I miss you. I hope you have a brilliant time.

    Have you seen any interesting animals?

    Love Redd xx

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