Climbing Pacaya Volcano

Over the weekend, John and I took it in turns to climb one of Guatemala’s active volcanoes with a height of 2,500 metres. John took Amy on Saturday and they did not have a great start. After a very bumpy bus ride, Amy managed to vomit all over herself and John. Unfortunately they did not have anything to clean her with or any spare clothes. John managed to clean her up a bit in the toilets when they got there and a lovely lady called Beth lent her a jumper. After that, they had a fabulous climb up.

Best way to travel!

Best way to travel!

Amy took a piggy-back on a horse for half the way which made it a bit easier for her. It is a four kilometre walk and it is quite steep. Bella managed the whole trek by herself. Although I did bribe her a little bit as I said I could pay for the horse ride or she could walk and I would give her the money for the ride and she can buy something else with it. She chose to use her very able legs and took the money. Smart girl.

What an amazing view!

What an amazing view!

The view when you get up there is amazing and I certainly have never seen a volcano from that close before. The landscape is barren and moonlike. We roasted some marshmallows at a hot spot and climbed into a small crater that was humid and hot. Amy and John left a message for Bella on the top and Bella and I managed to find it. They spelt ‘Bella’ in volcanic rocks for her.

Secret message...

Secret message…

Some history on the Pacaya volcano here.

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4 Responses to Climbing Pacaya Volcano

  1. Croftdave says:

    Hi guys, love that volcano…….pity about the vomit inducing bus ride first.
    Glad to hear Bella walked…..she’ll be able to come on my walks in the mountains soon!
    Is John going to celebrate his birthday this year?

    • 5 on the go says:

      Hi Dave – all is well. We’ve really enjoyed staying in Antigua but will be celebrating my birthday at lake Atitlan. We have booked a very nice hotel as a birthday treat.

      Speak soon

  2. Sandra Danby says:

    I am so jealous of your trip. Habla espanol?

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