Connectivity has changed the travel landscape

The last time I did some serious travel was in 1998 and although email and internet was around, you had to book a computer at an internet cafe and connections were slow. It was a bit of a mission. Now, everyone is connected any time, any place, anywhere. So far, wifi is widely available. Not sure how that is in less developed countries.

It is great when it comes to planning your trip and accommodation, you can check out prices, reviews and availability. Particularly now that we are travelling with kids it is a godsend. We feel better knowing that we have booked something and checked it out online to see whether it is suitable for us.

Staying in touch with the home front is also so much easier. Through Facebook and Skype I know about the important things that are happening in the lives of family and friends. I don’t feel like we are very far away.

However, I can’t help but thinking that it is less good for human interaction. We see lots of of people on their own glued to their mobiles and iPads and largely ignoring each other. Perhaps people meet online first and then arrange to meet in person? I do hope so.

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