Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Mendoza

Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina (Buenos Aires being the biggest) and it is certainly quite sizeable. There is plenty to see and do and lots of lovely cafes, restaurants and bars everywhere. We did a tour in the Jesuit Quarter which is the number one of Tripadvisor but it was the dullest tour we have ever done. Not sure if it was the girl’s bad English or it just wasn’t that interesting but we considered walking off because it was so dull (but we didn’t, we’re British after all, it would be too rude). The Museum of Memoria which remembers all the people went ‘missing’ in the 70s and 80s during the dictatorial regime was depressing but interesting and led to very many interesting discussions with the children trying to explain why things like this happen. The Museo the Che in Alta Gracia (a cute town an hour away from Cordoba) was interesting, mainly because we didn’t know much about Che Guavarra. We knew he is famous, we knew he was a communist and that he travelled a lot around South America but not much more than that. We know a lot now, won’t bore you with it as I am sure you all know how to use google if you are interested.20131117-211257.jpg

After Cordoba it was Buenos Aires. We weren’t planning to stay too long as we find big cities sometimes hard work with children. Too much walking usually, too many adult things and not enough opportunities for them to play and run around. We needn’t have worried. Buenos Aires has lots of parks, interesting and relatively quite neighbourhoods with safe, wide pavements. It made it a very pleasant city. It is interesting, affordable and creative. 20131117-211516.jpg

We liked it a lot. We didn’t visit any specific landmarks but visited the different neighbourhoods, some bohemian, some touristy and some (very) affluent.

From Buenos Aires it was a 15 hour night bus journey to Mendoza. We arrived on a rainy Sunday and it didn’t look very nice at all. It looked dead and dull. How mistaken were we! The next day the sun shone, everything was open and what a different that made. It can get very hot in Mendoza (it is a wine growing district) but there are big, shady trees everywhere and it is a dry heat so it makes it very enjoyable. We ended up staying a week here, a couple of days we spent just walking around town, the kids playing in the play parks around town and having lots of coffee and wine in the many, many cafes and eateries. We had a deal with the kids, one day we were going to have an adult day (i.e. doing what WE wanted to do) and the next day a kids day. On our day we went to a winery in a little town an hour away.


20131117-211929.jpgWe splashed out on a 4-course lunch (with selected wines of course), followed by a tour around the winery. It was great, the food and wine amazing and the kids very well behaved throughout. On the day for the kids we went to a thermal baths park, with multiple pools (some specific for children) in various temperatures. And they could pick the food (burgers and chips anyone?) and they loved it. In fact we all thoroughly enjoyed adults and kids day.


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