Four days in Bangkok

A day before the flight to Bangkok (with a transfer in Singapore) we received an email from Jetstar saying that due to the protests in Bangkok they would understand if we would want to change our flights and to give their Customer Service centre a ring to discuss possibilities. We did some research on the protests but couldn’t really find any news that worried us too much (it is all very contained in certain areas) but gave them a ring anyway. The only option they gave us was to change the date of our flight, we couldn’t change the destination (to Phuket for example) so didn’t think that would help us particularly and decided to go ahead. We booked a hotel near the airport with an airport pick-up as we were arriving at 8.30pm and didn’t want to risk being caught up in the closed roads of the protests in Bangkok late at night. Although we arrived a half hour late in Singapore (with a tight transfer time already) but the transfers at Singapore airport are so swift and efficient that it all went seamless.

When we woke up in the morning we had planned to go for a swim in the swimming pool but it was a bit too chilly in the morning (I know!) so after breakfast we decided to head into Bangkok city centre. We had a few delays in traffic because of closed roads and saw a protest going past but it was all very contained and peaceful.

We had a bit of a look around at Ko Saen Road and then decided to walk to the river and take a boat to one of the many temples. As it was, we got majorly delayed in a tuk-tuk scam. We were warned in the Lonely Planet book to not take any advice from a well-dressed Thai man as it is most likely to be a scam but we must have temporarily forgot (I blame the jetlag) and somehow ended up being taken around a few temples and a few ‘stops’ along the way in travel agents (I’m sure it used to be textile and gem shops?!?). Luckily we didn’t buy anything – we read later that usually the tickets are fake and you loose all your money – so although it wasted a lot of time, we didn’t get scammed. Lesson learned though, and we will now remember to be a bit more on our guard!

The next day we moved to a hotel in Ko Saen Road and visited the leaning buddha (where Obama was a few weeks ago) and the Royal Palace.


20140121-164633.jpgBoth beautiful and very interesting. In the evening we wandered around the area and ate the street foods and soaked up the atmosphere. Bangkok is hectic, but it is amazingly interesting.


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