And more delays

Aaargh! This is sooo frustrating. The paperwork for the New Zealand visa application is a nightmare. It has taken two months to get John’s transcript from his old polytechnic, after numerous emails (including cc-ing other departments in all over the univesity just to get a response) we have finally received it. I’m euphoric that we have finally got it and pissed off at the same time it has taken so long and so much effort to get the stupid thing.

It now takes 35 (!) working days for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to assess the degree. And we shouldn’t really proceed with any other paperwork, like my degree assessment (also 35 working days), translation of all my documents, police checks and medicals, until the assessment has come back. If it comes back at the wrong level our application will be denied and we would have forked out a lot of money for nothing. We are talking thousands of pounds here. Not a risk worth taking.

So. We just have to wait. And wait. We will miss the end-of-July application deadline for the visa and will have to start from the beginning and apply again. Frustrating but also has made me feel calmer. I am now resigned to the fact we will not make the deadline and we will just have to plough on and we can go when it is done. Whenever that will turn out to be. In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming and look at pretty pictures of this amazing trip that we are hopefully taking in this lifetime!

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  1. hermanito says:

    time for a holiday in Spain!!!!

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