Things we didn’t like so much about Antigua

Right, so after all the very, very positive things about Antigua there are a few things that we didn’t like so much. They are relatively minor as we have absolutely loved our time here.

1. The ice cream vendor bells
There are these ice cream vendors that go around with little carts of ice cream. Which is of course fine, but they have these little hand-held bells that they ring all day and it is pretty shrill. And they are everywhere. All day long I keep hearing these bells and they just go on and on and on…

2. Trying to get money out the ATM
Pfff, it is a bit of a challenge. Regularly the transaction seems to go through but at the end you get no money. Never a receipt available and when you check your bank statement there are multiple transactions going out that then are later being transferred back. Add the rumours that cards regularly get skimmed here and it is nerve-racking.

3. It is expensive
It is pretty expensive here. Prices for drinks and some foods are the same as at home. Particularly cheese, milk and bread are pretty pricey. The restaurants look all amazing and am sure serve fantastic food but we haven’t gone in any of them as we can’t afford them. Luckily we are renting an apartment so we can cook at home.

4. The pavements
High, narrow and bumpy is the best way to describe them. Not a massive problem but with a pram they are pretty challenging to navigate.

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