Goodbye grey, hello sunshine

We have booked our tickets, we are leaving on the 28th of March. Can’t quite believe it. We decided against an around-world-ticket in the end went for a one-way ticket to Mexico – which promptly got my new credit card blocked as apparently very suspicious – and will decide later on where to go next. It will give us the flexible to change the trip if we need/want to. Even though it might be slightly more expensive in the long run. This trip is partly to regain some freedom and the whole idea of planning the destinations and dates of our trip went against that and we were uncomfortable committing to it. 

So, now we are manically sorting out all the stuff in our house and boy, is there a lot of stuff. Books, clothes and toys, toys. Trying to clear the toys when the kids are around is impossible as they want to keep absolutely everything. And when I throw it away when they are not here, they don’t even notice. Weird. 

Vaccinations done, subscriptions and utilities cancelled and house rented out. Still a lot of little chores to do around the house. Isn’t it funny that you can live with a leaking tab or mouldy bathroom for years but for other people we get it fixed. Hopefully we will get to enjoy a fully working  house when we get back.

Not too long and it is goodbye grey England and hello colourful Mexico.

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  1. CM says:

    daar verlang ik ook naar, deze koude grijze luchten verlaten voor blauwe luchten met zon … veel succes met alle voorbereidingen!

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