One ice cream in every country

When you tell a 6-year and 7-year old that you are going to go on a year holiday, first question is: Do we get an ice cream every day like when we went to Spain? Uhm, well…that is a few too many ice creams if you go for a year.

Oh, can we have one ice cream in each country then? Uhm, yeah, I guess…Somehow I have now been railroaded into getting an ice cream in each country the first day we wake up in a new country. I am glad they fully understand the importance of this trip and have their priorities straight.

A week to go now and the house is starting to look empty and are loft very, very full. Still lots to do and many people to say goodbye to. We have organised a small leaving party and it is proving very weird to say goodbye to your life for a while. Harder than I thought, but at least we have built a life here that we will miss. A lot.

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  1. Croftdave says:

    What can you say but good luck, Bon Voyage etc…….all the very best….and keep the posts coming…….
    I expect fluent Spanish from all of you when you return

  2. Annalea Dominguez says:

    I have just read through your postings and thoroughly enjoyed them so far.

    Issy and I will look forward to following you on your travels and wish you a safe, happy and healthy trip.

    You have inspired me to start thinking about a mini travelling trip with Izzy so you never know we might come and find you on your travels!

    Take care and enjoy yourselves!
    Annalea and Isabela xx

  3. kate says:

    So long, farewell we WILL miss you but look forward to following the adventures of 5.
    Massive hugs. Oh by the way we have just heard a mini heatwave will be hitting Bournemouth…………… day!
    Kate,Jacob,Luca and Stew

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