It has been a while!

Time seems to run away with us at the moment. We have been busy working and I am finishing a contract at the end of February. Then we have a wedding, and after that…. Finally we will be on the road!

Now that we have not been able to get the residency visa for New Zealand, we have not quite changed our plans but I guess our mindset has somewhat changed. .New Zealandis less of a focus and we might end up somwhere else to work for a while, although construction work is still in abundance in Christchurch from what we can gather. And of course, we have family in New Zealand that would be happy to put all of us up for a while whilst we get ourselves settled. All factors, that count.

One tiny problem is now that we are planning to leave April time, is that wr have our seasons a bit wrong for Asia and/or South America. It has been suggested to drive through Europe first but, apart from the expense, we have seen quite a bit of Europe and it is not quite where we envisaged starting our trip.

We are still pondering this one, any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Hermanito says:

    Spain for a few months not an option? Great weather from april onwards!

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