La Paz and Cochabamba

After the very expensive but lovely experience in Machu Picchu we decided to move swiftly on to Bolivia where everything is much cheaper. We went straight from Cusco to La Paz on a night bus, a 15-hour journey. As it was, it was an easy and fairly pleasant journey. Bit of queueing at a hectic border where nothing is signposted and you end up having to ask about 10 people where you’re meant to go and what you’re meant to do. Got there in the end though and arrived in La Paz at mid day. The hostel we ended up in was a bit pokey, La Paz was hectic with not many redeeming features so we decided to swiftly move on and take another 8-hour journey the next day to Cochabamba. Where the climate was warmer and the town was meant to be pretty.

The big JC overlooking Cochobamba.

The big JC overlooking Cochabamba.

We certainly lucked out with the hostel we picked. Although it was out of town (and very hard to find, no taxi driver knows where it is) it had a lovely big garden, a separate cabin with two bed rooms (a double and a triple) and…..a huge play frame! And similar aged kids. We ended up staying a week as the children enjoyed it so much and got to practice their Spanish with the owner’s children.

The kids had great fun with the children at Las Lilas Hostel near Cochabamba.

The kids had great fun with the children at Las Lilas Hostel near Cochabamba.

We did a couple of day trips, one to San Cristobal, allegedly the largest statue of Jesus Christ in South America (larger than the famous one in Rio de Janeiro). We took the cable cart up and had a great view of the city. On another day, we went to the Santa Teresa convent, a nice tour and building but nothing earth shattering.

It was a great week, recharging our batteries and we were sad to move on.

Adios Amigas!

Adios Amigas!

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