We need to learn some Spanish. Pronto.

We have arrived in wonderful, sunny, colourful Mexico. We are all knackered and a bit jetlagged after a 20-hour door-to-door trip but everything went very smoothly and the children were very well-behaved so couldn’t have gone better.

The apartment we are in is amazing, but unfortunately not a standard of accommodation that we can get used to. We would be home in a few months due to lack of money! We decided that the first two weeks we needed something nice and easy to acclimatise and have a bit of a relaxing holiday.


Trying to get some dinner yesterday at a local establishment, proved a bit of a challenge and we realised that we will need to learn some Spanish quickly. We can count to ten in Spanish and that’s about it. Embarrassing. Here in Cancun that is unlikely to be a mega problem but I suspect it will be in somewhat more challenging destinations. Luckily we are have good wifi here so we have downloaded dictionaries and Spanish courses on our iPad. Initially we thought we would do a Spanish course ‘at some point’ which has now changed to ‘as soon as possible’. Can’t wait, I’d love to speak a bit of Spanish and it will make this trip so much more enjoyable.

imageWe have roped in the girls to write down words that we see in a notebook and then when we get home we find out what they mean and try to remember for next time. I’m betting the girls will speak the lingo a lot better, a lot sooner than we do.

Now I would love to write something in Spanish now to end this post, but really I have no idea. I do not know one single sentence that would be appropriate. Hasta la Vista, baby? Sad. But watch this space.

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3 Responses to We need to learn some Spanish. Pronto.

  1. Fátima says:

    Hi!! Enjoy Mexico, i was in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya), next to Cancun and it’s so beautiful! Food, weather, beaches and people are very nice! If you need something in Spanish, tell me! haha
    Greetings from Spain, where the weather las months is like in England =(

  2. croftdave says:

    Hola! Cómo estás?…..and that’s the limit of my Spanish amigos.
    Glad you’ve arrived safe and well……I may get quite jealous of all the beach pictures, basking in 5c here in Bristol. Hope you don’t have to downgrade to much in the accommodation dept.
    Take care
    D xx

  3. Adele says:

    Buen viaje x

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