Things we loved about Antigua

We have now spent a month in Antigua and are ready to move on. Antigua was an amazing experience and the things we liked most as a family were:

1. Spanish lessons
We had our lessons at Sevilla Antigua and they were very accommodating as we had specific requirements for ourselves and the children. We had a wonderful teacher named Brenda for the girls and another wonderful teacher for us, named Vicky. We really couldn’t have had a better experience and we learnt a lot in the last four weeks.

2. The Market
There is an enormous market where you can get anything you could possible want or need. Food of any kind, drinks, toiletries, clothes, souvenirs, you name it they have it. You will definitely get lost looking around as it is a maze of narrow paths, part inside and part outside. It is simply amazing.

3. Hotel Antigua
This one is more for the children. This luxury hotel has a little play park and a swimming pool. The children are allowed to use the play park for free as long as we adults order a drink and/or food. John and I have happily obliged on many weekends and the whole family has enjoyed this thoroughly. To use the swimming pool you have to pay Q50 for children and Q70 for adults. Again, well worth it if the children just need to burn of some energy which can be challenging in a city with narrow pavements and lots of traffic.

4. El Parque
A square in the middle of Antigua with several fountains and lots of shade and benches to relax. Coffee shops and ice cream parlours are on the square for a refreshment and often there is entertainment or some sort of event going on. Great place to chill and watch the world go by. Or being watched by the locals.

5. Coffee shops
That is probably solely for me but I love coffee and there are so, so many fantastic little coffee shops here. Great atmosphere, great coffee it is like being in Europe. I love it!

6. The weather
It is perfect. At least, this time of year. Little rain, pretty warm (sometimes hot) during the day but it cools off dramatically at night. You need a jumper when sitting outside in the evening and a blanket on your bed at night.

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