Where are the mosquitoes?

It has been a week since we left the UK and we are starting to get our heads around our new way of life. The first few days we were jet lagged and tried to do way too much in the heat. Although it was probably good to just get moving and be active to settle into the different timezone, it was very, very tiring. And then we decided to slow down and for one day, we did absolutely nothing. Have you ever tried that? It is actually quite difficult.


It was a much needed day of rest and the following day we went on our first sightseeing, day trip. We visit the Isle de Mujeres, a short boat ride from our front door. The island itself has beautiful beaches, lovely cafes and shops. And most people get around by golf kart, we rented one too and it was great fun. We spent the day swimming in the sea and driving around. And today, we decided to have another day of rest. Tomorrow we travel to Play del Carmen


So far, things we have noticed about Mexico – well Cancun as we haven’t really been anywhere else – that surprised us or we have noticed that we hadn’t considered before we got here are:

They love junk food and sugary drinks. You can’t get any ‘normal’ food in the corner shops. I have since discovered that Mexico is in the top 5 of nations with people with the highest BMI. I am now not surprised.

Prices for some thing vary wildly and we have to get used to negotiating about many things. We have been quoted 20 pesos to 100 pesos for the same taxi ride.

They drive on right side of the road. I don’t know why that surprised us, but it did.

Sometimes things are quoted in pesos, other times in US dollars and it is bloody confusing.

I don’t know as much about Mexican food as I though I did. I mean, I have visited Mexican restaurants but come across a lot of dishes here that are pretty different then what is served in a restaurant in England.

There are no mosquitoes. Haven’t seen a single one so far. Pretty sure that isn’t going to last.

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One Response to Where are the mosquitoes?

  1. croftdave says:

    And still it is freezing here…..so sunny white beaches and deep blue sea is completely alien.
    You would burn out if you did stuff every day……..
    Maybe Mexican food gets more interesting/ethnic outside of touristy areas?
    Still hoping for temperatures higher than 5c at the weekend…..
    Off to Romania again end of April…..tell John things going well with that!
    D xx

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