“Muuum! There is an ant on my tooth brush”

Travelling in hot, developing countries obviously comes with a certain amount of bugs and small ‘wildlife’. How do the children deal with? Apart from yelling out about ants on toothbrushes, what about the really yucky ones like spiders and cockroaches? Well, half the time they don’t notice them and I’m certainly not going to point it out to them. Multiple times I have quickly disposed of some creepy-crawlies before they were in eyesight of the children. It has also helped that we are mainly staying in mid-range places that have been kept relatively clean. They have freaked out about the odd spider but when disposed, they are fine. But I have to admit that we haven’t run into one of those REALLY big ones.

Mosquitoes, however, have been a bit of a different story. They have been a nuisance in many of the places we have stayed in. We have used the spray but it only helps up to a point. Basically, they had to get used to the bites and mainly they have. They have learnt to try and not to scratch them, and they go away and stop itching quickly.

In Roatan (Honduras), we had to deal with the sandflies. Luckily the children weren’t too badly effected but John had about 200 bites on his back at some point. It did spoil the fun somewhat and the buggers take ages to clear up.

So, all in all, the bugs actually haven’t been too bad and certainly hasn’t had any impact on our trip. Although I am waiting for the first case of bed bugs…

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