Northland, New Zealand

We have been in New Zealand since the end of November and to be honest, we haven’t done a whole lot. We have been relaxing with family (big house with swimming pool helps!) and mainly made some day trips in the area. We did spend a week in the Northland (the peninsula north of Auckland) and hired a beach house for three days overlooking the water in Whangarei heads.
It was amazing although the weather was poor at times so couldn’t enjoy the surroundings as much as we had hoped. Whangarei was a nice enough city, with a lovely area near the water called The Basin.20140109-125612.jpg

The next part of the trip was a couple of nights in the Bay of Islands. We stayed in a cabin in a holiday park just outside Paihia, nice enough but very, very expensive compared with the sort of money we were used to spending for accommodation in Central and South America. The day trip to Russell on the other side of the bay in Paihia was very nice although Russell was much smaller than we had expected.

On our way around the peninsula we made a stop at the Sand Dunes in the North, apparently you can slide down these! We also made a quick stop at the biggest kauri tree known in New Zealand, Te Matua Ngahere. The last stop on our way back were the Hundertwasser public toilets in Kawakawa. Very funky and quirky!


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