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It is interesting how people react so differently when we tell them about our trip. We noticed that the closer people are to us – and in particular to our children – the more negative the reaction to our plan. Logical of course, because they will miss the children (and maybe us a little too). They’ll miss a few essential years of the children growing up. There is skype etc. but it is not quite the same and this is the hard part of deciding to do something like this, we are taking loved ones away for a while.

Friends that we have met abroad and/or have been abroad themselves almost all react positively and think it is fantastic. Others have expressed that they knew it was only a matter of when rather than if we were going to do something like this. They know as too well.

Then there are the people that think it is very selfish and children need structure, routine and familiarity. They are right about the selfish part, of course. We as parents decide we want to do this and our children are not asking us the drag them around the globe. But if you are staying put in the same place because you are happy it is kind of selfish too though isn’t it? Whatever decision you make, you make it as a parent and do what you think is best for all family members and in your circumstances. You don’t really consult your 5- or 6-year-old in any of it. We as parents want to do this trip and have this experience and of course we think and hope that our children enjoy it as much as we do. They might not. But if it is really disastrous we will come back and hopefully pick up most of our old lives. Not much lost and hopefully lots gained, right?

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  1. Martin says:

    I’m not surprised about the feedback you are getting. We had a similar experience. Some are still in disbelief that we actually left and that was a year ago. We even called a child psychologist to ensure we won’t screw up our son (2.5 yrs old at the time) if we got him out of his home–daycare for 8 hrs- home for 3 then sleep routine. The basic answer was…”we are doing is the best thing for him to give him and us an opportunity to bond as a family. So don’t worry about the conflicting feedback. Your kids will be just fine, and you will grow closer as a family, we did. Mind, you…it ain’t always easy. There is no alone time, time off, grandparents to take the edge off, privacy gone…but overall, we haven’t regretted our decision to travel the world! It is an amazing place. Good luck in your travels! Have fun

  2. Sarah says:

    I think it’s awesome, as an adult I would absolutely love to have memories of childhood like they’re going to have. Just the education they’re going to get is amazing, how many kids get to see and experience what they will? Just thinking about it makes me jealous. Imagine how open minded they’ll be after seeing so many different cultures – I’m confident they’re young enough to not get jaded by it all. Just sitting here thinking about the wonder on thier faces when they see stuff most kids only get to see on TV is amazing. Yes, obviously there are downsides but honestly I think this is a wonderful opportunity for them and they are so lucky to have parents who will give it to them.
    And for you guys? Yes you’ll have an adventure and see amazing things etc etc, but the thing I think is enviable is what you get to see your kids experiencing. Even Asia will (I think) be a new wonder when you see it through your kids eyes.
    I’m impressed with the guts you have to do this, because let’s be honest – it’s going to be HARD, but if anyone can do it I reckon it’s you guys.
    Having said all that, you’re going to miss my 40th and that is just OUTRAGEOUS! 😀
    Sarah x

    • 5 on the go says:

      Thanks Sarah! That is lovely of you to say that.
      Sorry to miss your 40th, it would have been nice to be there.
      Looks like we are on track to leave on the 1st of April, so must catch up before we go!

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