How to prepare young children for a long trip?

Our children are 6, 5 and 1, how do you prepare those little minds for the adventure that we are going to have? Obviously the 1-year old doesn’t need to know much and will just tag along, but the older ones will need to have some information about what is going to happen. I’m hesitant to explain too much, they won’t want to go if we tell them they won’t be seeing their friends for possibly years. So far, we have explained that we are going for a long holiday to Asia and after that are going to see family in New Zealand. We have been to New Zealand before, and they remember it well so can relate to that and are looking forward to seeing their auntie and uncle again.

We talk a lot about the countries we will be visiting, the kind of things we will be doing but haven’t really explained the bigger picture or implications of this trip. My gut instinct is to leave it at this and keep talking about what is ahead, rather than what they will be missing. But sometimes I wonder if this leaves them ill-prepared. Fingers crossed, that they will enjoy and not get too homesick when we are away.

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