Promotion at work. Typical!

Of course now that we have decided ‘to leave it all behind’ and have an adventure, John gets promoted at work. Bloody typical! Just as you don’t really care about your career and have decided on a different parth. It is a better position, better money. So doubt started to set in again. We have it good here. We are fine financially secure(certainly after this promotion and now that I have started working too), the kids are happy and settled, lots of family and friends around who gladly help out.

It took two days. And then we realised that we cannot not go now. It has got us so excited and we are so happy to have one of our dreams realised that it is impossible to go back and ‘just’ live our life as it is now. We are wondering if we are going to make our deadline of September, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter if we go a few months later. But going we are! All hands are back on deck and back to road planning, visa paperwork and all sorts!

Promotion? Meh.

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