San Jose and Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Back to public transport after dropping off our car in San Jose. It was definitely worth getting a car as we have seen so much in a week’s time. In San Jose, we spent a couple of days chilling out in a great hostel called Kap’s Place. It had a cinema room and a library of hundreds of dvd’s. The girls couldn’t believe their luck and managed to see the Wizard of Oz, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, Narnia and Mermaid Fairytopia.

One day was spent in a shopping mall, not my favourite place but it was a long awaited promise for Bella’s birthday. She managed to get a new bathing suit, some hair clips and Monster High doll called Laguna (thanks Mamo – thank you letter will be sent shortly).

Another day was spent at the children’s museum. It was great, but Sunday is NOT a good day to go. It was manic and you could hardly move. The kids, however, loved it. They got to dress up as firemen, policemen, climb a train, fire engine & airplane, talk on walkie-talkies, make puzzles and learn about bananas, coffee and other agricultural products.

Dressing up as firemen

Dressing up as firemen (oops, I mean firefighters).

Having a look inside a real airplane

Having a look inside a real helicopter!

Entry was very reasonable too, we spent about $10 dollars in total to get in for the five of us.

After San Jose, we took the 4-hour bus journey to Quepos, a little town next to Manuel Antonio National Park. Again, staying in a great hostel (with swimming pool, always a bonus with our children) and the town is lovely.

In the morning we took a bus to the national park and did a very easy hike of about 1-2 hours. It brought us to a beautiful beach where monkeys and sloths were in abundance. We got to see several from only feet away. Particularly the sloths were an amazing sight and we are so glad we got to see some before we move on from Costa Rica. In addition, we managed to spot several raccoons and monkeys, a caiman, milk frog, birds and iguanas.

5onthego, sloth at manuel antonio.

Spot the sloth

5onthego, Manuel Antonio National Park

Looking at the monkeys in the trees at Manuel Antonio National Park

This park is very busy and touristy but there is obviously a reason for it as it is so easy to spot the wildlife.

Next stop: David, Panama.

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  1. croftdave says:

    got confused by your last line ‘Next stop: David, Panama’ but then realised its a place. Hope my namesake is not a dump!!
    I like the Sloth

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