From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua to Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

It was only a short shuttle bus ride from Granada to San Juan del Sur but long enough as we had to squeeze in two seats with the five of us. Surprisingly enough it was quite doable. Amy on John’s lap, Nesta on my lap and Bella’s little bum was squeezed next to mine and the window. Not the most comfortable journey we’ve had but it wasn’ actually that bad.

San Jose del Sur

Another great beach to explore… San Jose del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur was a lovely little surfer’s paradise. A great bay, with waves big enough for the girls to find it exciting but small enough not to be dangerous to swim in. We enquired about surfing lessons but turned out to be a bit too expensive but we we will try elsewhere. We will by passing lots of opportunities to learn to surf in the next year or so! San Juan del Sur wasn’t big and the accommodation we were in wasn’t anything to write home about, but it had lovely restaurants, great bars with sunset views and a nice atmosphere. We stayed a couple of days longer than we had originally planned as it was so chilled out.

Enjoying the view, whilstsnthe kids play in the sea. San Jose del Sur, Nicaragua.

Enjoying the view, whilst the kids play in the sea. San Jose del Sur, Nicaragua.

Moving across the border to Costa Rica required us to take a taxi to the border, walk around to lots of different buildings to fill in papers, get stamps and pay some money, followed by two other buses and a taxi before getting to our apartment. And although a little bit soulless, it has everything we need for the next week: a swimming pool, two bedrooms, washer/dryer and air conditioning. Yay!

Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Finally through the border crossing between Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


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