Things that have surprised us travelling as a family

Certain expectations we had travelling as a family have been proven completely right, others completely wrong.

Sharing a room
We were very worried about sharing a room – and beds – with the five of us and thought we wouldn’t get any sleep. This is not true. We sleep fine with all of us in one room and it is not a problem at all. Thank god. This will save us quite a bit of money.

Rest days
We thought we needed lots of rest days and although sometimes nice, too many of them and the kids get really, really bored. And it is a lot more difficult for them to entertain themselves here than it is at home. Doing lots is actually easier.

Travelling long distances
We did our first bus trip a couple of days ago, a 5-hour trip. We could have taken a ferry the next day but we thought that a quick night in a hotel, followed by more travel would be too much. Wrong. We could have easily done it and the children would have been fine with it. And so would we. We know for next time that we can be a bit more ambitious.

As any parent, we were worried about the children trying new foods and finding things that they would want to eat. And whether they would get ill as soon as they got here as they are not used to some foods. Has all proven to be unfounded. They are fine, try most things and it doesn’t seem to faze them much. The only person that has had a bad tummy was John. But that is because he keeps trying all the dodgy, ridiculously spicy sauces.

We see different things
When backpacking without a family, you don’t mix with any children or other families. You see the sights, hang around the hostels and go to bars. We have to regularly go to local play parks and other family hangouts. We see a different side to a country and every now again we meet a child that wants to practice their English. And in return teaches us some Spanish.

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One Response to Things that have surprised us travelling as a family

  1. Hermanito says:

    Hi there guys!

    I have been off line for a while for all kind of reasons (ao travelling back to spain).Great to read your stories and sounds like you have lots of fun there! Big hugs for everybody and hope to see you soon somewhere on this globe.

    ps, Things all ok here (Laura looking great even with a bit of a tummy ;). Entering into wk 20 now!

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