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What they don’t tell you about travelling with children

Families that love travelling together will tell you about all the positives of doing this. Learning experience, time together, no domestic drudgery etc. etc. However, where there is positives there are consequently negatives. And not necessarily things that you would … Continue reading

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There is something about Antigua

We feel very lucky that we have randomly picked this place to stay for a month to have our Spanish lessons. The place is beautiful, 16th century Spanish colonial buildings and cobbled streets surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. It has … Continue reading

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Things that have surprised us travelling as a family

Certain expectations we had travelling as a family have been proven completely right, others completely wrong. Sharing a room We were very worried about sharing a room – and beds – with the five of us and thought we wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Where are the mosquitoes?

It has been a week since we left the UK and we are starting to get our heads around our new way of life. The first few days we were jet lagged and tried to do way too much in … Continue reading

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We need to learn some Spanish. Pronto.

We have arrived in wonderful, sunny, colourful Mexico. We are all knackered and a bit jetlagged after a 20-hour door-to-door trip but everything went very smoothly and the children were very well-behaved so couldn’t have gone better. The apartment we … Continue reading

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