Target date: 1st of April

It has happened! We have handed in our notices at work and although we haven’t booked our tickets yet, we have decided on a – very – rough itinerary and contacted the estate agent to rent out our house. We’ve told the kids, we have a target date, we are definitely going!

We still have so much to do. We have to pack up our clothes, our books, our house, our life. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate, how many subscriptions, clubs & insurances to cancel. We finish work on the 1st of March and are hoping to leave on the 1st of April. Ambitious? Yes, probably but we are going to give it a damn good try and if we leave a few weeks later, that’s fine.

Initial plan is to have a beach holiday for a few weeks (Caribbean, Mexico?), followed by a Spanish course and stay in one place for a month or so. After that, who knows?

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3 Responses to Target date: 1st of April

  1. Hermanito says:

    come to spain first. Nice way to start and you can by a cheaper ticket. The apartment is yours from 2 till 17th in the morning!

    je broertje

  2. Fátima says:

    Good luck in your big trip abroad!!
    I hope to see you in spain some day! =)
    Greetings for all the family!

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