The waiting game

After the first flurry of paperwork, research and telling everyone about our exciting plans, it seems that we are at a standstill at the moment. We have been working hard on on the initial things that need to be done (research & paperwork for New Zealand mainly), it now seems we are in limbo-land and are waiting. Our actual departure seems very far away and no immediate things to get on with either so we are forced to get on with every-day-life. Which isn’t bad, but feels a bit like an anti-climax after the initial excitement!

We can’t bring our departure date forward because we need to get all the immigration paperwork together for New Zealand before we go. Most of it is set in motion, but we are waiting for results, police checks, references etc. etc. (is is a very, very looong and tedious list). And until it is all complete we cannot send it off and move on to the next stage. Which is the fun stuff like booking the tickets!

Before we know it, it will be September (which is still the deadline we are aiming for) and we are on our way. It just feels a bit weird at the moment. Almost like I am an observer in my own life, a life that we are leaving behind for a while soon.

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