Where to go?

Now that we have decided that we are definitely going and have started all preparations for our long term trip, we are now left to decide where to go. How much can we realistically afford and how much can we cram in with three small children in tow? Our first thought is/was going through Asia before staying in New Zealand for a few years and then South America on our return to the UK. But quite often we wonder whether we should go the other way around and stay in South America for a while and learn Spanish before going to New Zealand. We have both travelled through Asia pre-kids so we are comfortable with it, however, it won’t be ‘new’ for us.

We are still very much undecided but Asia keeps coming back as a favourite, it is magical, so different and the food, the food. We often say we could eat our way around the world and Asia would definitely be top of the list. And Asia is mostly affordable, very important as this whole exercise is proving to be very difficult to budget. Unfortunately we do not have an infinite budget. So Asia it is. For now. I think. I reserve the right to change my mind though…

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