Decision made. We are going!

So the decision is made. We are going for it. We are taking the children out of school, quitting our jobs and leave for an extended trip abroad. We are planning to go in September so that the children do not have to go back to school after the Summer. Our rough plan is to travel through South East Asia for as long as we find it fascinating, work in New Zealand for a few years and go through Central and South America on our way to back to the UK.

However, the amount of work ahead of us has hit us. We need to get the house together so it is rentable, plan the trip, organise vaccinations, think about homeschooling and the biggest headache of all, apply for Residency Visa in New Zealand.

We are in full-on organisation mode but sometimes we are overwhelmed and wonder whether this is really such a good idea. The children are settled in school and nursery (they are 6, 5 and 1), we have a nice house, nice friends and good (enough) jobs. We are exchanging it for no space, no stuff and no security. Why give it all up? And come back to what? It is exciting, confusing, scary and exhilerating at the same time. But you know what, I do feel very much alive!


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  1. Hermanito says:

    Brave people you are. Very proud of my sister!!!! Just in case you haven’t seen it: go to the movies and go to “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. You will love it while preparing for your trip (maybe it has left the cinemas in UK already, all very famous UK actors by the way).


    • admin says:

      Hihi, thank you broer. You must come and visit us on the way! Haven’t seen the film. Haven’t seen a film in the cinema for years, unless it is the Smurfs, Disney and such like!! Might watch it on DVD when it comes out!

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