Quito, Ecuador: Beautiful, affordable and lots to do

We started our time in Ecuador surprisingly early. I thought we were flying out of Panama City on the 22nd of July but turned out it was the 20th. Just as well I checked, although only 3,5 hours before the flight! Luckily we made it without any problems. We did end up walking around Quito in the dark at 8pm to find a hotel that had a room but the 3rd or 4th place we tried had space so it didn’t turn out to be too much of a problem.

Now Quito. So much to do. We explored the old town a few times, it is beautiful, well kept and lovely to just walk around in. We saw the changing of the guards on the Grand Plaza (every Monday morning at 11am) and we didn’t only see the guards but also the president of Ecuador who came out to wave to the crowds.

Changing of the guards in Quito. The president was there too.

Changing of the guards in Quito. The president was there too.

We stocked up on some warmer clothes (it is great for shopping) and had a stroll in La Ronda (a lovely, old, restored street).

La Ronda, Quito, Ecuador, 5onthego

Playing on La Ronda, Quito.

We spent a lot of time in Parque Eljida as they have a little artisan market but more importantly, lots of play frames, swings, sea saws and zip wires. Kids loved it.

We also visited the Teleferico, which is a mountain on the edge of the city, where you can take a cable cart to get to the top. The views are amazing and the cable cart ride an event in itself (don’t go on it if you are afraid of heights).

Teleferico, Quito, 5onthego

View from the cable cart with Quito in the background

At the bottom of the cable cart there is actually a huge fun park called Park Volqano and of course we took the kids there for a bit. Every ride is paid for separately, you buy a card where you put on the money you wish to spend at the park. At every ride they swipe the card and you can see how much balance you had left. There are rides for all ages and most of them are quite reasonably priced. We put $20 on the cards and we were there for a good few hours. Oh and no queues anywhere!

On another day, we took the bus to Ciutad del Mundo, where there is a monument to illustrate the equator.

Equator, Ecuador, 5onthego

Standing on the equator

There is also a small museum, some shops and a play park. It was nice enough but a bit weird. The bus on the way back stopped at the Angel, a statue on a hill with again a lovely view of the city.

We spent almost a week in Quito, the weather was perfect and there was so much to see and do. We will probably be back there on our way to other destinations and we are looking forward to spend a bit more time there.

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