Spending some time in Cuenca, Ecuador

From the coast, we had a quick stop in Montañita where Amy had some surf lessons. It was a bit chilly unfortunately so that spoiled the fun somewhat. Montañita was ok, but not really our cup of tea, it is a good place to party though.

Amy's first surf lesson.

Amy’s first surf lesson.

We spent a few day in Guayaquil on our way to Cuenca. It is the second largest city in Ecuador and quite modern. It has a newly built promenade along the river with play parks, restaurants and shops. It is quite nice (and warm!) but we were ready to go to Cuenca where we had arranged an apartment for a 2-week stay. We were getting somewhat tired of spending a lot of time in one room together and the hostels we have stayed in recently haven’t been fantastic (not that bad either though).

Another town, another play park...

Another town, another play park…

The apartment in Cuenca is bloody marvellous. Three bedrooms, all mod cons, we are happy!

Much appreciated hone comforts!

Much appreciated home comforts!

We’ve also arranged for the girls and myself to have more Spanish lessons, whilst the boys will go and do a mini-trip to Baños for a couple of days. The girls are absolutely loving their lessons and I keep hearing them giggle in their class room. They manage to learn quite a bit though!

Cuenca itself is, again, a beautiful colonial town and it has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1999.

Parque Centrale, Cuenca

Parque Centrale, Cuenca

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2 Responses to Spending some time in Cuenca, Ecuador

  1. Rob says:

    He, wat leuk! Ik kwam je site tegen op linkedin. Wat een geweldige tijd moeten jullie daar hebben. En grappig dat jullie nu in Ecuador zitten. Ik heb daar vorige maand ook een reis naartoe geboekt voor december. Leuk om jullie verhalen dan te lezen en de foto’s te zien.

    • 5 on the go says:

      Hee wat leuk! Ecuador is onwijs gaaf, je gaat het daar goed naar je zin hebben. Een beetje Spaans is wel handing trouwens.

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