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We need to learn some Spanish. Pronto.

We have arrived in wonderful, sunny, colourful Mexico. We are all knackered and a bit jetlagged after a 20-hour door-to-door trip but everything went very smoothly and the children were very well-behaved so couldn’t have gone better. The apartment we … Continue reading

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One ice cream in every country

When you tell a 6-year and 7-year old that you are going to go on a year holiday, first question is: Do we get an ice cream every day like when we went to Spain? Uhm, well…that is a few … Continue reading

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Goodbye grey, hello sunshine

We have booked our tickets, we are leaving on the 28th of March. Can’t quite believe it. We decided against an around-world-ticket in the end went for a one-way ticket to Mexico – which promptly got my new credit card … Continue reading

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