How are the children settling back in school?

One of the questions I get asked most is: How are the children settling back in school? People want to know whether they are behind and whether we did much homeschooling on the road. In short the answers are: fine, no and no.

On coming back, the first thing we did was go to the town hall and re-register them for school. I had already been in contact with the school and had been told there were spaces available. We were lucky that a new, free school had opened and some children had moved and therefore freed up spaces. Town hall told us that it could take up to three weeks to get paperwork sorted but when I spoke to the school they chased it up for us and they were back in school within a week.

My two returned to year 4 and 2 (they were in years 3 and 1 when we left). When we returned, they both managed to get back in their old classes and both teachers told me that within days it was like they never left. My eldest struggled a little bit socially in the first few weeks as her best friends had both moved school in our absence. She has now found her feet though and sees those friends regularly outside of school. My daughter in year 2 was absolutely fine straightaway and although not having done much work ‘on the road’ seems to have caught up already.

We haven’t received the end-of-year reports yet so don’t really know exactly what level they currently are. Saying that, I don’t really know what level they were before they left…They seem to enjoy learning, happy at school and feedback from the teachers is that they are doing well. It is all I need to know.

Regarding schooling on the road, we didn’t do that much. At least not that much when it comes to structured school work. I’d like to think they received an education, it was just somewhat different than the national curriculum!

I had downloaded a maths app for the eldest and she practised a little bit on that. I downloaded any book that she wanted to read on my Kindle for her and she must have gone through about 30 or 40 books. They learnt a bit of Spanish, they practised their time tables with currencies, we did a bit of fact finding on every country we went to and of course we visited many, many museums and world famous sites. Educationally I don’t think they have missed out.

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