Settling back home

After the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Malaysia, the time had really come: our flight home. We finished off with a few amazing days in Kuala Lumpur (lots of shopping) and had a very cramped and long, long flight back. We arrived late in the evening and waking up in the morning in our own home, well, was weird. It was all very dream-like.

We spent the first couple of weeks unpacking our stuff (it was mostly in the attic) and catching up with much-missed friends. The children were so excited to see their friends again, the weather was good and it was all wonderful. The school had spaces for the children in their old classes and a space in the pre-school for the youngest. Our house was rented out for the year and left spotless. John has his old job back and I will be looking when the youngest starts school in September.

The depressing bit is that it is like we never left. It is almost like it never happened. We’ve done the thing that we have been looking forward and thinking about for years. So now what? It is unlikely we will have do this again due to commitments we have here and, let’s be honest, finances. It hasn’t cured us though, John and I would do it all again in heartbeat. Tomorrow if we could. The children might not be so keen as they found a year long and missed home comforts and their friends. So we might have to wait until they are adults before we can pack our cases for long-term trip again!

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