Sihanoukville, Cambodia

One more beach resort on the other side of the border: Sihanoukville, Cambodia. We are not quite sure what to expect. We spoken to a Russian family on Koh Chang and they didn’t really paint a good picture. The beach is dirty and it is partying central. We thought we give it a go anyway and if isn’t great, we’ll move on to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) a bit sooner than we had planned. Since we were going to arrive on a Saturday night on one of the busiest weekends of the year (Chinese New Year) we booked and paid our accommodation ahead. We had great problems finding something as everything seemed fully booked. So unfortunately, we had to pay a steep price (highest on the whole trip so far) for our room but at least we wouldn’t be sleeping on the beach like some people had to! We stayed at Otres beach, which is a quiet beach quite far from the main strip and it was actually really nice. We did decide to move to the main beach as John managed to get a beach hut overlooking the sea. We are a bit high up so we see the palm trees and the sea. It is one of the most lovely places we have stayed so far. The main strip is VERY loud at night but we are just far enough away that it is just background noise.


At Otres beach we bumped into an Australian family who live in Taiwan with two children of similar ages as ours and they played together very well. We hung out with them for a while, just sitting at the beach, chatting and watching the children play. It was very tranquil for all of us. It is great when the children make some friends as this happens few and far between.


Altogether we ended up spending 5 nights here and did…. not much. We sat on the beach mainly. And that’s it. We are usually not very good at just chilling out so it was actually bloody fantastic. We have now booked our night bus to Siem Reap. They call it the ‘hotel bus’ and it actually has double beds in it! Not quite sure whether we’ll sleep well in it but it sounds intriguing.

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