Leaving Honduras and arrived in Léon, Nicaragua

Roatan was a welcome reprieve in Honduras as we were a little bit disappointed with the country after having such an amazing time in Guatemala. Roatan was very hot, expensive and riddled with sand flies. John’s back has about 200 bites on them and is pretty uncomfortable.


Snorkle trip to see the 2nd largest reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef, Austrailia).


Fun in the Sun. Roatan, Honduras.

We decided to have a quick stop in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa before moving swiftly on to Nicaragua. Tegucigalpa was not as bad as we had anticipated and we actually quite enjoyed it in parts. The climate was comfortable as it is a little bit cooler than the rest of the country. We strolled around a bit, sorted out our bus for Nicaragua and basically just got out of Honduras as soon as possible.

Roaming the streets of Tegucigalpa - the capital,of Honduras.

Roaming the streets of Tegucigalpa – the capital,of Honduras.

After an eight hour bus journey, we arrived in Léon, Nicaragua. What a difference! The staff at the hostel we were staying (Hostal Latina) were incredibly helpful and nice. The staff in all the places we stayed in in Honduras were pretty unhelpful and not very friendly (possibly with the exception of the hostel in San Pedro Sula). Perhaps we were unlucky or perhaps the people in Honduras just aren’t that friendly. I don’t know why, but do know I am happy to have left Honduras and have arrived in Nicaragua.

Adios Honduras, Hola Nicuagua!

Adios Honduras, Hola Nicaragua!

Léon itself is a pretty colonial town, although a bit gritty around the edges. It is pretty authentic though and no American junk food chains. And people are nice again and we get the occasional smile of people again. Yay! It is blimmin’ hot though, about 35 Celcius which makes it pretty hard to do anything substantial during the day. Lots of cold showers during the day and fans on full blast during the night.


Relaxing in our lovely hostel in Léon, Nicaragua.

Relaxing in our lovely hostel in Léon, Nicaragua.

We are moving on pretty rapidly though as we want to get to Costa Rica and hire an apartment for a week with a swimming pool to catch our breath from all the travelling in the heat. We have to move a bit quicker as we want to get to South America by the end of July as we have booked our tickets to New Zealand from Santiago, Chile for the end of November. We want to have enough time left to see a bit of South America too!

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