Thank god for Roatan!

Well, we have been in Honduras for five days now and the first four days have been quite disappointing. We have so enjoyed Mexico, Belize and Guatemala that Honduras has been somewhat of a comedown.

The first town we visited, Copas Ruinas in all fairness was lovely but our visit was a bit spoilt by a weird guy at the hotel that followed us once to make sure that we didn’t book any tours through anybody else as he felt we owed it to him to book it through him! The weird thing was that I don’t think he actually worked at the hotel.

5 on the go

Cool Cowboys – Copas Ruinus, Honduras.

After Copas Ruinas we went to San Pedro Sula, which is the most violent city in the world. Followed by a visit to the 3rd largest city of Honduras, La Ceiba. By this point we started to wonder if Roatan was worth it as La Ceiba wasn’t great either. Thankfully we stayed in a lovely hotel (nothing else available that we dared to stay in) with a swimming pool so the children had a great time. We wondered around the city for a bit but the vibe was completely different than the places we visited in Guatemala. Not as friendly and we definitely didn’t feel that safe. We couldn’t wait to move on.

5 on the go

View from Hotel Balcony in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
We felt nice and safe behind the guarded entrance, iron railings, barbed wire and electrified fence!!!

After one night in La Ceiba we took the ferry to Roatan. Puke bag anyone? Am not kidding, we heard people vomit left, right and centre. We didn’t feel too great either but luckily we managed to keep all our food down. Now for the good news though, we have arrived in Roatan and it is a Caribbean paradise. No iron bars in front of the windows, no armed guard in front of shops, people are friendly and the beach is beautiful. Bob Marley is in the background and all is right with the world again.

5 on the go

In the Caribean Again! Roatan Island, off the Honduran Coast. Nearest Caribean country is the Cayman Islands where we lived for almost 2 years.

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