Goodbye Guatemala, Hello Honduras

After about 5-6 weeks in Guatemala we decided it was time to move on. Otherwise we are never going to make it to other countries. The choice was to go to either Honduras or El Salvador. John has always wanted to see Roatan so we decided on Honduras and to travel to the Caribbean Coast

From Guatemala City we took a bus to Copan Ruinas, a lovely little town situated right next to the Mayan ruins of the same name. We took a luxury bus, with the bus company Hedman Alas and it was indeed very upmarket. The border crossing again went without a hitch, very easy and very quick.

Honduras border, 5onthego

Hello Honduras

Copan Ruinas was an idyllic looking place with a lovely square, amazing little cafes and restaurants. We only stayed two nights as we want to make it to the Caribbean Coast. The ruins itself were amazing, it is unbelievable what was there so many thousands of years ago.

Copan Ruinas, 5onthego

Taking a break on the Maya steps

Copan Ruinas Honduras, 5onthego

Copas Ruinas

We then took a bus to San Pedro Sula, not so upmarket this time and we were very crammed in but the trip itself was fine. Although at some point the bus couldn’t get up the hill as it was so overloaded! We had a quick stopover in San Pedro Sula for one night, just to get ready to take a bus up north the next day. It was just as well, what we saw of San Pedro Sula wasn’t very nice. Our hostel was on an estate with armed guards at the entrance, whilst the building itself was surrounded by high fencing and on top of that electric wiring. The city averages 3 homicides a day and tops the list of the most violent city in the world. Not somewhere we want to particularly hang around.

We are now in a lovely hotel in La Ceiba, on the north coast and tomorrow we will take the ferry to Roatan and spend a couple of days on this beautiful Caribbean Island.

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  1. Wow, what an awesome article! We’re planning on heading down to Central America soon! This post is really inspiring!

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