We had a short but great time in Guatemala City

Because we left Xela quite swiftly, we didn’t have time to book accommodation and we were slightly nervous about arriving in Guatemala City with no planned place  to stay  and no idea where the bus was going to drop us off. We heard so many bad things about the city, even from Guatemalans, that we felt a bit silly not having prepared this a bit better. Our concerns were quite unfounded though, we picked a hotel from the Lonely Planet, hopped into a taxi and got a room in the hotel with no problems.

Guatemala City

Guatemala City

A bit later, we had a bit of a wander around and first impressions was that it is a very interesting city – like any other world city – though definitely a bit rough around the edges.

The next day we decided to have a day for the children. We went to the zoo first and although certainly not the best zoo we have ever been to it was ok. The setting and surroundings were quite nice and we saw lions, tigers, hippos and an elephant amongst others.

5 on the go

Guatemala City Zoo

The receptionist at our hotel recommended a children’s museum (Museo de los Ninos) that was near the zoo so we thought we had a quick look there and I have to say it was amazing. One of the best museums for children I have ever been to. Staff were brilliant and we got to blow huge bubbles, spot constellations, see the inside of an ambulance, see what happens to buildings during an earthquake, pretend shop and much, much more. Oh and there were indoor play areas too. We can’t praise it enough. We had to be kicked out in the end as it closed but we could have spend a few more hours there easily.

Guatemala city, 5 on the go

Pretend shopping – great fun!

Guatemala City, 5 on the go

El Museo de Ninos, looking for our hotel.

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